Yeh Rishta Kia khlata hai Interesting and Controversal New Update

The Drama serial” Yeh Rishta Kia khlata hai “begins within the story of two characters “Akshara Mashashweari and Nitik Singhania. They both belong to the Marwari joint family. They marry after the advice of their religious saints. In this arrange marriage they fall in love with each other. They go through many problems as a member of joint family and parents of young children.

This story also shows their relationship with their cousins and extended family. After 7 years this show changed its plots to the next generation of Akshara Mashashweari and Nitik Singhania. In this changed plot the main focus is the material life of Nitik Singhania and his daughter Naira and his husband Kartik Goenka

History And Controversal Plots

The show starts when Mashashweari’s trying to find an alliance for their daughter Akshara Mashashweari. She developed a link for Nitik after some arrangements. The stories of relative characters were also generated by the show. After the marriage of Akshara’s brother Sauryiaand her best friend Versha, Nitik and Akshara get married .close to this timeline Nitik’s sisters Nandni and Rashmi also get married. Akshara gives birth to a baby boy Naksh and Rashmi gives birth to a baby girl Gayatri while Nandni adopts a
child Yeah.

4 years later Update

This story takes a time leaps when Nitik falls into a coma. Nick and Akshara have a daughter Naera and a young boy Naksh grow up distant from his father. They try to grow closer after the recovery of Nitik Singhania. After the death of Nick’s mother his father remarried. He gets married to the Devyani. She had two children Naman and Muskan. Akshara has blamed the accidental death of Bahabhima’s husband.Bhahabima was the aunt of Muskan. After this Akshara Mashashweari and Nitik Singhania leave their house and migrate to Cape Town.

10 Year Old Written Story

A second leap came to this story all children grow young. Naksh gets married to Tara but their marriage failed due to settlement issues. Abusive was Naira ‘S boyfriend and they caught up. Her boyfriend dies after a scuffle. Naira flees the city due to fearing of

7 Year later History

This story again takes a time leap and shows that Naira in Rishikesh and changed her name to Tina. She lives in an orphanage. She also guides tourists. She comes to actors Kartik Goenka While seeing rafters and they initially keep fighting. Akshara and versa went to Rishikesh for the same orphanage where Naira left. But Naira refuge her mother to not protect her before. Naira came back with Akshara as a deal when Akshara saves the orphanage from a mortgage.

Naira’s wedding with kartik

Kartik was a boy who helps Akshara in accommodation in Rishikesh had got a job in Nitik’s company .soon Naira and Kartikwere entangled in love with each other and after some difficulties, they are bonded to each other in married life. Due to some miss understandings, Naira leaves the Goenka house.
The story takes another time leap and shows that Kartik Goenka joins a college as a teacher while Naira a student. There all miss understandings were changed into understandings. Naira and Keerti were pregnant. Naira’s baby was aborted while create suffer in a coma. Her baby remains in late of Naira Naira encountered an accident and lose her memory. Kartik Goenka helps as a friend for Naira to recover. And they reunite Kartik’s father Manish Goenka lost his business and Naira help him to stable his business again with new thoughts Naira’s new thoughts were appreciated Mihir a business rival show affection with Naira about all of this Kartik was worried. Without revealing the pregnancy Naira was dejected from the house.

After 5 year of Interesting Story of Drama

Another time leap came which shows Naira and his son Kaira in Goa. Kartik’s family is in shock at Naira’s loss. Vansh Gayatri’s and Samarth’s son is the only way of happiness for Kartik Goenka. Kartik also brings an orphanage girl vodka to his home. Her father requested Kartik to do so. Viduka entangled in love with Kartik and their grandmother suggests them to remarry. Kartik agrees but due to the entry of air, the story of His is ended. After this Kartik and Naira rediscover love. Love and lush also get entry into the story as rude boys but their family soon changes them and Naira gives birth to a baby girl. Her daughter, Name is Akshara. This name gets everyone emotional.

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