THE BEST MANGO LASSI RECIPE (step by step recipe)

Howdy and welcome to the BEST Mango Lassi recipe. This equation improves than-restaurant Mango Lassi with six easy to-find trimmings. The establishment of the equation is strong while allowing you to adjust to taste according to your mangoes. Attempted faultlessly!

I only here and there find the boldness to call one of my arrangements ‘the best’. Also, regardless, when I do, I stay dubious paying little heed to solid information insisting my inclinations. (See Chicken Biryani or Instant Pot Kheer).

Perfection doesn’t exist. The ‘best recipe’ doesn’t exist. We all in all understand that. In any case, we can move close. Also, after 25+ tests in relationship with 7 novel Houston diners, I’d say this is realllyyy close.


Lassi is a yogurt-based refreshment that is said to have started in Punjab. By and large, people made lassi by hand-blending uniquely crafted yogurt in with water and salt. It filled in as cooling hydration against the outrageous summer warmth of the Indian subcontinent. Today, a considerable number individuals drink sweet lassi more consistently than salted.


Mango Lassi is a sweet and tart lassi prepared with mangoes (whether or not new, pound, or both). In view of Indian bistros, Mango Lassi has become the most striking type of lassi all through the planet.

It’s charming to observe that despite Mango Lassi’s acclaim, it’s not the most ordinarily made lassi in various South Asian families. For example, during visits to Pakistan, we would have mango milkshake or mangoes followed by lassi. Regardless, Mango Lassi itself wasn’t conceptualized.


You’d think a ‘throw it-together’ equation like lassi wouldn’t need such obsession. However, it took unlimited fundamentals with a wide scope of mangoes and yogurts and pulps to get this equation where I need it. Here’s the explanation you’ll love it:

The extents are careful. We’re talking grams, regardless, for the ice 3D squares.

It’s strong in mango flavor yet not unnecessarily sweet, ‘thick’, or phony tasting.

It works with whatever mangoes you have accessible. Totally prepared, infrequent mangoes? You’re in karma! Privately obtained frozen? I have you covered!

It’s cold and stays cold until the last taste. No room temperature lassi issues!

The establishment of the recipe is strong anyway it really allows you to change it to taste.


This recipe requires six trimmings, and each has a huge impact in the flavor and consistency. This is the thing that you need to contemplate them:

Mangoes: You can use any mangoes for this equation, yet the principle part is that your mangoes be prepared. I’ve discussed what sort of mangoes to use, how to tell when they’re prepared, and how to cut and freeze underneath.

Whole Milk: Milk adds a rich base to lassi and keeps it fluid as opposed to significant and thick.

Plain, whole milk yogurt: Use the thicker piece of yogurt for the equation. Dependent upon how harsh or tart your yogurt is, you may need to extend it to taste.

Privately obtained Sweetened Mango Pulp: It’s fundamental that you use Indian mango crush (regularly created utilizing Alphonso or Kesar mangoes). This comes in immense containers at South Asian general stores, and ought to be killed and taken care of to hinder rusting.

I made a respectable endeavor to make crush an optional fixing, yet I believed that it was’ principal for 2 reasons:

Mango Pulp compensates for ‘alright’ mangoes or privately gained frozen mangoes. Be that as it may, whether or not you use uncommon mangoes, a humble amount further develops the mango flavor and concealing.

It’s very normal used at bistros, so expecting you need a ‘restaurant style’ lassi, you can’t get the flavor without it.

All that said, if you can’t find Indian mango squash or don’t want to use it, you’ll regardless get surprising mango lassi as long as your mangoes are prepared and scrumptious.

Certifiable sugar: I use unadulterated sugar. Feel free to use your #1 sugar here as long as it isn’t overpowering in taste.

Ice 3D shapes: Not simply does the ice cool the lassi, yet it gives water content so the lassi isn’t unreasonably significant.


Alright I could examine mangoes the whole day. Here’s extra on which mangoes to use, how to tell when they’re prepared, and how to cut + freeze them for lassi.


In case you have a choice between mangoes, go for the one with not all that good (for instance the less cheap ones).

Here in the U.S., we don’t have a wide collection of mangoes. The most generally perceived around me are Tommy Atkins or Champagne (furthermore called Ataulfo or Honey). Since Tommy Atkins are more tacky and usually not all that good, I recommend you use Champagne/Honey. (In the U.K., Champagne may not be available.)

If you can’t find Champagne, another extraordinary option is to use frozen mangoes which are routinely imported from Peru. (I’ve endeavored the ones from Trader Joe’s and HEB). In the occasion that using privately obtained frozen, you’ll need to use the higher proportion of crush for best results.

Eventually, in case you live very nearly an enormous city, you can have a go at getting Pakistani or Indian mangoes from South Asian stores or even on the web. Here in Houston, I found Anwar Ratol and Chaunsa, both which worked totally in Mango Lassi.

Note: In the photographs, we’ve used Pakistani mangoes (Chaunsa) while the video shows Champagne.

The best technique to TELL WHEN MANGOES ARE RIPE

Like most normal item, mangoes show maturing by feel and concealing. Champagne mangoes are prepared when they:

Turn a significant, splendid yellow tone.

Are fragile and sensitive instead of firm.

Start to show juices coming out from the stem.

Begin to show wrinkling of the skin.

Bit by bit directions to CUT and FREEZE MANGOES FOR THIS RECIPE

The goal is to seclude the prepared tissue of the mango from the gigantic pit in the center:

Cut the long way around the tremendous pit in the middle. Square the tissue and dispose of with a spoon (see picture and video)

Then, at that point, use a little paring sharp edge to cut around the pit in the movement of the fibers.

Shape and wipe out the tissue from the slight strips.

Endeavor to protect the tissue around the pit whatever amount of you can.

Detect the hacked 3D shapes and pieces in an impermeable compartment or pack until ready to use. Right when ready to use, several squares with your hands to simplify it to blend.

Guidelines to MAKE MANGO LASSI

Here’s the kicker. This equation suggests that you freeze your prepared mango preceding using it to make mango lassi. Notwithstanding the way that this gives the lassi a prevalent surface, yet it draws out the mango flavor. Besides, it stays cold until the last taste. Once your mangoes are frozen, you’re ready to make the lassi:

Add all of the trimmings to a high speed blender, using the lower total for squash and sugar. Blend on quick until smooth and now not cold. In case the mix slows down, use the blender modify or interruption and push it down with a spatula.

Taste and change flavor dependent upon the situation, adding sugar for loveliness, squash for more mango flavor/concealing, or 1-2 tbsp of yogurt for sharpness. From the outset, you’ll notice it looks thick like a smoothie. Nevertheless, it’ll promptly become pourable and runnier, as customary Mango Lassi.


Cardamom Powder: A little spot of cardamom powder or ground cardamom is a charming assortment.

Rose water: A resuscitating contact, yet add simply a drop since it can without a doubt get overwhelming.


If you have a checking scale, use it to allot the trimmings, especially the mangoes. Dependent upon how the mango is cubed, it’ll yield different aggregates in cups. If you don’t have a checking scale, hack the mango into 1/2″ 3D squares and measure preceding freezing.


Would you have the option to use Greek yogurt in Mango Lassi?

I haven’t endeavored this with Greek yogurt, yet I figure it should work. In the occasion that you’d like to use it, have a go at adding not as much as aggregate in the equation so the lassi stays runnier in consistency.

How long does it aft in cooler?

You’ll much of the time find that it’s currently made in bistros considering the way that it keeps well in the fridge. You can refrigerate for 12-18 hours before it starts losing freshness.

Bit by bit guidelines to store additional items:

Spot in a glass compartment, cover with a top, and store in the refrigerator.

Bit by bit directions to make Vegan Mango Lassi:

I haven’t made a pass at making this sans dairy anyway Minimalist Baker has this veggie darling structure that looks extraordinary. She uses frozen mangoes moreover!


There aren’t any rules for when you can have Mango Lassi, anyway I lean toward it after a gala or as an award between dinners. Ice in the recipe ensures that it’s served chilled.

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