Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh Chief Minister Sindh Disqualification Case

Joined by authentic subject matter experts and lawful counselors, he displayed in the authority court Muhammad Shafi Siddiqui in Sindh High Court Karachi

Opposition Leader Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheik displayed in the authority court Muhammad Shafi Siddiqui in Sindh High Court Karachi close by authentic trained professionals and lawyers on the getting mindful of Sindh Chief Minister’s prevention case. Haleem Adil Sheik prohibited Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on twofold citizenship. The court mentioned to give the decision of the Supreme Court regard to the avoidance of Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

Speaking with media outside the court, Deputy Attorney General Abdul Wahab Baloch said that an allure has been recorded against Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah for being browsed PS-73. Submit false reports in courts and various foundations. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has been blocked by the Supreme Court for his bad behavior. Disregarding this, he participated in the political choice and has been picked as the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister of Sindh has not been direct and dependable. Murad Ali Shah was moreover barred in 2007. He filled in the construction and he was furthermore excused. Around then, at that point, the Supreme Court had rejected him. Murad Ali Shah managed the political choice with the Election Commission. Copy referenced, which will be given.

Opposition Leader Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheik while bantering with media outside Sindh High Court said that we are bewildered with Sindh Parliament, there are laws that are settled on to help the choice party, so we have gone to the courts. The chief solicitation has been reported against the blundering Chief Minister. Murad Ali Shah is also terrible and unrefined. Murad Ali Shah isn’t direct and reliable.

Haleem Adil Sheik said that we will record a secured demand against agrarian water in Sindh. Will be recorded, reference of Nooriabad impact plant on Murad Ali Shah, reference of cleared out endeavors on Murad Ali Shah, reference of homestead hauler allocation on Murad Ali Shah, Roshan Sindh program on Murad Ali Shah Corruption demand is continuing, for enrichment He offered money to Omni. Solicitation of Thatta Sugar Mill is moreover going on. Assessment of fake positions is moreover going on in NAB. A considerable number segments of place where there is land were seized in Sindh.

Haleem Adil Sheik said that he drew in the Supreme Court to outline a lawful commission on the catch of landscapes in Sindh, addressed the Prime Minister to ask into it, 2.8 million areas of place where there is woodlands land is included, 87,000 segments of place that is known for land in Karachi is included. For sure, when Justice Gord gives orders concerning canines, a cleric finds a way ways to detonate them with a bomb. If a feature writer forms, it takes after Aziz Memon and Ajay Lalwani. Each showing was held at the doorway of Sindh Assembly with dacoits. A man is struck, his men join the police and kill people of NAB, the SSP is roosted on the ground, keeping a lodge in the uniform of these holy people, fake people were gotten authoritatively, Ijaz Jakhrani Kacha’s dacoit was compromising with guns for monitor. The dacoits have compromised Muhammad Mian Soomro. What’s new with the establishments? Sindh has been devastated.

May God ensure Bilawal, the Chief Minister himself left for America, a MNA and two MPAs are going in the Chief Minister’s plane, there is no crisis vehicle for people here, and with whose cash the oil in this plane went, Governor Sindh They have the choice to require the CM’s plane, yet not a singular day the CM’s plane was used by the lead delegate, Allah Pak protected Bilawal from the disaster, we beg, the Sindh plane has been changed into a taxi.

05-07-21/ – 136 # h # × PTI pioneer and part Sindh Assembly Raja Azhar determinedly reacts to the public power’s attitude towards opposition people in the Sindh Assembly #/h # r * Karachi (Online) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Leader of Sindh Assembly Raja Azhar immovably reacted to the public position’s aura towards the obstruction people in the Sindh Assembly. The PTI pioneer said that the Sindh government has plunged like an anger on people of the region. Obstruction people’s mouthpieces are not being raised. Obstruction’s evaluation isn’t given need in the House. The Sindh government has set people of Sindh in another situation by underwriting a dim monetary arrangement, he added. Bilawal Zardari should be humiliated about using lies in political race in Kashmir There is no water, no preparation and no prosperity in Sindh region. There are no workplaces in Sindh. The presence of normal individual in Sindh has been exacerbated than death. Pillaging is one of the requirements of Sindh government. The money was used to gather properties in New York and London. The obligation money of people of Sindh was being moved to Dubai through Ayan Ali. He further said that when public representatives inform the issues concerning their electorate to the public power specialists, we would be confined. Without a doubt, the Speaker of the Sindh Assembly is only the Speaker of the People’s Party. The fairness of the Speaker is awful.

PTI has been picked by people and sent off the House. Expecting the voice of the picked specialists is quieted in the House, we save the advantage to boycott the people from the Assembly.

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