IG Punjab makes shocking revelations,11 people gang-raped woman in Kasur

IG Punjab Inam Ghani guided Additional IG Investigation to lead examination of the case under his watch. He additionally explained the information on association of cop in the episode.

11 people including a cop assaulted a lady in Kasur, IG Punjab made stunning disclosures about other denounced including a cop engaged with the occurrence. Ghani guided Additional IG Investigation to examine the case under his watch.

The IG Punjab, while remarking on the occurrence of supposed assault of a lady, said that no cop was among the culprits. He said that it was right not to enlist the case after the solicitation of the lady in the police headquarters. He said that activity 155-C has been taken against Sub-Inspector Rizwan for delay in enlistment of case.

IG Punjab says all reports of police association in the episode are in opposition to current realities. He said that an examination is in progress and the lady is going through clinical treatment after which it will be seen that the one Who is associated with the occurrence of assault, he said, adding that equity would be given to the person in question while satisfying the necessities of legitimacy and law.

He said that the blamed engaged with savagery and maltreatment against ladies didn’t merit any concession. A FIR has been enlisted against the denounced on the casualty’s assertion. It ought to be noticed that the proclamation of the manhandled lady has additionally become exposed. The casualty said that she took a stroll in the nursery where she was assaulted. The lady has denounced the nursery’s monetary and police authorities. Counting 11 individuals assaulted.

The attacker was a companion of Mali. As indicated by the lady, she was likewise tormented by the charged. Police have captured four blamed up until now. It was likewise announced that when the casualty arrived at Sheikham police headquarters, rather than documenting a report, Sub-Inspector Rizwan pursued her away from the police headquarters and took steps to record an argument against her on the off chance that she got back to the police headquarters. DPO Kasur Imran Kishore has enlisted an argument against Sub-Inspector Rizwan and framed a departmental request panel.

As per police sources, 4 out of 11 denounced have been captured. Prior, a 12-year-old vagrant young lady was assaulted in Kasur. In Mandi Usmanwala space of ​​Kasur, four individuals assaulted a 12-year-old vagrant young lady under the appearance of work. As indicated by the police, the casualty is working in the fields to help her mom and others. The dad of the manhandled young lady has kicked the bucket while her mom is additionally intellectually incapacitated. DPO Imran Kishore said that a body of evidence was enlisted against the charged Ali Raza, Zulfiqar and Usman and they were captured.

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